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Walthamstow sticks it to The Man.

March 5, 2013

Wandering through Walthamstow this morning, I noticed this artist’s impression of what’s being proposed for the new Arcade Site.

All the usual retail suspects are featured, including Starbucks, Pizza Express and Sainsbury’s. The names had been altered slightly, as (I assume) the companies in question hadn’t signed up yet and this was, after all, an impression. So Nando’s becomes “Pando’s” and Pizza Express is changed to “Pizza Impress”.


A more detailed examination of the visual shows that perhaps the artist isn’t as enamoured of the plans as the developers are, as you’ll see from the close-ups of some of the changed names below. Apologies for the poor picture quality.


See what they did there? Because Sainsbury’s are an evil corporate pain. They’ve also doctored the “Live well for less” strapline to “Live less well”.


What word ending in “GA” might be obscured by the tree?
It couldn’t be MEGA could it?

Kudos to whoever sneaked these through the approval process.


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