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Good causes. Great ads.

July 29, 2011

I’ve seen two charity ads recently that I think are absolutely brilliant.

They’re great because they’re simple, human and true. So often charity ads (for example, Oxfam’s Be Humankind campaign, which looks like a dystopian Lloyds TSB spot) try too hard to be different. And in doing so, they fail to connect emotionally with the viewer.

These ads, on the other hand, connect in spades.

The first, by Adam & Eve, is for Save The Children.

Ignore the slightly too-polished production values. Disregard the dubious “Isn’t the western world wonderful?” imagery. And try to put out of your mind the fact that, to be pedantic, we are all “born to die”.

In fact, don’t watch the ad at all.

Just close your eyes and listen to the voiceover.

I think it’s beautifully written. Pitch-perfect. And the line “simply the bestest” is one of the nicestest copywriting touches I’ve read (or rather, heard) in a long time.

The second ad (from AMV for Cancer Research UK) is a great example of a copywriter leaving his (?) ego at the door. Instead of putting words into their mouths, he lets the subjects speak for themselves. The way the ad is cut enhances their stories to great effect, too.

The only flaw I can see is the “But thanks to the work of Cancer Research UK” bit, which sounds scripted and a little stilted. But no matter. The stories are incredibly emotive.

And the silence at the end says much more than mere words ever could.

This post may well appear in a different form on the Targetbase Claydon Heeley blog. Just in case you see it first and think I ripped it off.

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