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A long time ago in an agency far, far away…

January 20, 2012

I was going to write something scathing about Vodafone’s latest TV ad featuring everybody’s favourite little green Jedi Master. But it’s just too, well, average to comment on.

Oh go on then, I will. “Do you think he tastes of wasabi?” is truly appalling and the whole thing’s terribly flat.

Anyway, I’ve been over on Youtube to check out other examples of Star Wars-based telly ads. The one with Chewbacca getting a blow dry for PC World made me smile, mainly for the piss-takey slow-motion bit. And Darth Vader getting the Orange brush-off is really rather funny.

Even funnier (albeit unintentionally) are these Public Service Announcements, as they’re called in the US, from the late 70s.

So remember kids. Don’t try to make the Kessel Run if you’ve had a few. Make sure you get your jabs. And, like the droid said, don’t smoke.


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