All about me

Oh hello there. You’ve caught me unawares. Just let me get my notes in order. Shuffle, shuffle. Ahem. Right. Here we go.

I used to be a freelance copywriter with my own company – Myers Ink. Ltd. Hence the title of this blog (see what I did there?). But now I’m a wage slave for some very lovely people indeed. You can see the sort of stuff I do here.

Anyway, back to the writing bit. Unlike 99% of the copywriters I know, I don’t feel I “have a book in me”. If anything, it’s more a case of random chapters, articles, features and post-it notes. Hence this blog. I kind of feel this sort of stuff is better out than in, I enjoy writing and, hey, if anyone reads these ramblings lovingly crafted posts, well that’s just lovely.

Yes, I know that (in the words of a Jewish mother from an age before emails) I really should “write more often” but I don’t. I’ll try harder, I promise.

Anyway, feel free to comment on this and anything else you read here. It won’t just make my day – like a particularly fiery curry, it’ll make my whole week.




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