Here is ‘The News’

This school book, which Myers Jr brought home last night, was published in 1991. It’s hopelessly outdated (as you’d expect), with illustrations of ‘aerials’ and ‘television transmitters’. There’s also some ever-so-subtle political bias, which, given education’s ‘liberal’ reputation, is unsurprising. Plus ça change and all that.

So without any further ado, here is…


This looks like some sort of teachers’ march. In 1991, the ideal school is a school of peace. EDUCATION NOT NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION is the rallying cry. I like to think Jeremy Corbyn is somewhere in shot, like a CND edition of Where’s Wally.


1990s Philip Hayton (whatever happened to him?) looks serious. As he should be – look at all the news he has to report from all over the world, every day.


First up, a Poll Tax march. Note the obligatory ‘woman in dungarees’ on the right, and the little old lady who appears to have brought her grandkids on the left. Myers Jr says, “It looks like a party”. That’s right son. A COMMUNIST PARTY.


Next up. Ecological disasters. I can only assume that oily cormorants were deemed too distressing for young children. Regardless, OIL IS BAD.


Finally, a terrifying giant-headed mutant attack. I don’t remember much about this, to be honest. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES EVERYONE!


Moving swiftly on, here is John Humphrys shouting at what looks like an Open University lecturer who has strayed on to the set of the Nine o’Clock News. In 1991 news readers, as you see, are all male. Luckily, the director is a woman – what glass ceiling?


Meanwhile, Peter Snow grills Roy Hattersley in a deserted conference hall. We zoom in on Roy. There is quiet desperation in his eyes. Will he ever see a Labour Government? Not for another six years, Roy.


Finally, a snapshot of what we can learn from TV. That, in addition to man-made disasters, natural ones are occurring every day. That the West Indies cricket team are unbeatable. That Americans like parades.

And that, apparently, the only thing we do in England is go on marches. Insert your own Jeremy Corbyn gag here.



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