Days with Tom 7. Sick days.


A Sick Boy, yesterday.

Hey Tom,

So you’ve been a sick boy these past few days. Not just poorly or a bit under the weather. I’m talking full-on parmesan-scented, tomato-skin-packed, when-the-hell-did-you-eat-that sick.

It all started on Thursday night. You went to bed, looking all smart in your big boy pyjamas and clutching your (soon to be washing machine-bound) Mister Monty.


“Night mum! Night dad! See you in the morning! And not in two hours, covered in sick! Definitely not!”

A couple of hours later, you woke up bawling. We rushed into your bedroom to find a scene reminiscent of Mister Creosote’s restaurant. It was in your hair. On your face. All over your pyjamas. Everywhere.

And all I wanted to do was pick you up, give you a cuddle and tell you everything was going to be all right. And then go and change my T-shirt.

Anyway, we hosed you down, changed the sheets, dug out some clean PJs and put you back to bed.

And then, a couple of hours later, we had to do it all over again. Sigh.

You were incredibly brave – if it had been me, I’d have been moaning about it for ages and complaining that I still had sick in my ear (sorry about missing that bit, by the way). I’m very proud of you.

Next morning, you seemed much brighter. We gave you some milk. You guzzled it with gusto. Well, you can probably guess what happened next. A day on the sofa beckoned.


“Mister Monty says more CBeebies please.”

Now, I quite enjoy being ill. I like lying around watching rubbish telly. And it turns out, you do too – that’s my boy. Unfortunately, we don’t share the same televisual tastes. While I was all for a Star Wars marathon, you insisted on Baby Jake.


Goggi Geeaaaaghmakeitstop!

Baby Jake Loves Waving. Baby Jake Loves Spinning A Web. Baby Jake Loves Musical Statues. Baby Jake Loves A Picnic Feast. Baby Jakes Lo…ENOUGH WITH BABY JAKE! PLEASE! I GET IT! BABY JAKE LOVES STUFF! CAN’T WE JUST WATCH SOMETHING A BIT MORE GROWN-UP LIKE JUSTIN’S HOUSE? Aaaand relax.

In fairness, I did convince you to watch WALL•E, which is the greatest animated film known to man.

So it wasn’t all bad, was it?


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One Response to “Days with Tom 7. Sick days.”

  1. susan myers Says:

    So sad Tom was that sick. It takes ages to get rid of the smell doesnt it.

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