Things I’ve seen in East 17

Not actual pigeon

Taking to the streets of Walthamstow with The Infant for his early morning Saturday consitutional, I spotted a particularly scabrous, one-footed pigeon out for a scavenge. Ignoring the tasty discarded remnants of a Friday KFC (why do pigeons eat chicken – don’t they realise it’s cannibalism?), it carefully picked up a piece of twig and flew up to where I assume its nest was.

Watching this, I was struck by the realisation that, even though it was a vile, parasitic vermin, that pigeon was a parent.

(OK, we’ve reached the point where the punchline should be. But being an equal-opportunities offender, I’m going to give you a choice, delivered by the comedian of your choice. Here goes…)

“Just like poor people” – Jimmy Carr.

“Just like Tories, ladeezangennulmen” – Ben Elton.

“Something deeply offensive” – Frankie Boyle.


One Response to “Things I’ve seen in East 17”

  1. dom Says:

    that picture is clearly an actual pigeon.

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